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How Much Can I Earn?

Your future salary will certainly be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a career. So you might be surprised at how much electricians and electrical engineers can earn.

Your exact rates of pay will be set by your employer and so will vary but, to give you an indication, the figures below are based on rates of pay from an organisation called the Joint Industry Board (JIB), which sets employment standards across the electrical industry.

As an apprentice you could earn from £10,315.50* in your first year to £22,425* in your final year.

As a qualified electrician you could earn around £42,500** – if you’re working in London, the rates are typically slightly higher than this.

In addition, the Office for National Statistics reported in 2020 that full time pay for electricians and electrical fitters was £33,495 gross per annum and Electrical Engineers was £50,866 gross, per annum***

If you wish to progress in your career, there’s a wide variety of roles available. Depending on the size and location of the companies you could be looking at salaries such as

  • Project Engineer – £50,000
  • Estimator – £55,000
  • Contracts Manager – £59,500
  • Design Manager – £62,000

Your earnings for all these roles could also increase through annual bonuses.

* Based on JIB National Working rates

** Based on national working rates for Approved Electricians with transport provided

*** ONS Annual full-time gross pay by occupation, UK, April 2020