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How Do I Get In?

An electrical apprenticeship is the preferred and best route to get qualified in the industry. This applies whether you’re a school or college leaver, or looking for a change of career.

As an electrical apprentice, you’ll work towards nationally-recognised qualifications and spend the rest of your time developing technical skills and ‘on-the-job’ knowledge with an employer.

Funding for all ages

Traditionally, funding for apprenticeships was only available for young people. However, in England, that’s now changed and companies can get funding to take on an apprentice at any age. So don’t be put off if you hear that apprenticeship funding is only for young people – this is not the case!

An employer just has to pay 5% of the training cost. If they employ under 50 people, they can get 100% funding for recruiting a 16-18yr old apprentice.

If you’re elsewhere in the UK, speak to your training provider about what financial support is available to your potential employer.

There are no quick fixes! Don’t waste time or money on the wrong training

When you’re searching apprenticeships and qualifications, beware of courses that won’t fully qualify you.

Full-time college courses will provide technical knowledge but can’t provide the practical experience that’s needed to become fully qualified – to gain this you’ll need to be working with a company. Read our advice on making sure you do the right training

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