Changing Career

Looking for a change in career? Want to become an electrician?

If you’ve already had a career elsewhere and now want to join the industry – that’s great! The industry needs a constant supply of skilled and talented people. But the main thing to realise is there’s no quick route to becoming qualified.

You’ll need to gain the industry-recognised qualification which is generally the Level 3 S/NVQ Diploma in your chosen specialism.

You’ll also need to complete the AM2 (FICA if you’re in Scotland), which is a comprehensive assessment of your practical skills undertaken over 16 hours.

There are many electrical qualifications that you may see advertised colleges are training providers – anything other than the NVQ or SVQ will not give you the extensive skills or practical experience you’ll need. Read our advice on making sure you do the right training.

If you’ve got no electrical skills at all:

Take a look at our Training Routes page to find out more about the paths you can take.

If you’ve already got skills that could be transferred into the electrical industry:

You may be able to map certain skills and experience against the apprenticeship. Speak to your potential training providers about what they suggest.

There’s also something called the ‘Experienced Worker Assessment’, or Crediting Electrical Competence in Scotland, if you’ve got a lot of relevant experience, but just need to be assessed and become formally qualified. But we still suggest exploring your apprenticeship options first as this is where the most funding is available.

The key thing to remember is: there are no full-time college courses that will fully qualify you – this only comes through on-site practical experience and assessment which you’ll need to gain with an employer.