Latest Career Options

Take a look below at just some of the careers you could follow with an electrotechnical apprenticeship under your belt. On our Careers Options page you’ll see even more examples of paths you could follow…

Senior Management

  • ID: 472

Many business owners and managing directors in the electrical industry started off as an apprentice and worked their way up – you can too! When you’re in charge of the…

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Electrical Design

  • ID: 470

This is a great role if you’re creative and technical – as an electrical designer you’ll look at what electrical systems the customer needs, then design all the plans and…

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Electrical Contracts

  • ID: 469

Contract management and project management can often overlap depending on what size of company you’re working for, but it’s all about delivering the job and meeting the customer’s requirements. Once…

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  • ID: 467

As an Estimator, your job is to work out how much a job is likely to cost so that you know how much to charge the client. To do this…

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Site-Based Management

  • ID: 466

As an electrician,you can also in time move into a supervisory or site manager role where you’ll have more responsibility and will be overseeing a number of electricians and keeping…

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