William Maclean’s Story

William McLean is a project engineer and at the same time is working towards a foundation degree.

Q: Why did you choose a career in this area?

A: I have to admit it was initially because of my grandad! He was an electrician for the whole of his working life and I saw what great satisfaction he got from his job. When I investigated the possibility of a career for myself it quickly became clear that the sector offers tremendous opportunities to progress and fulfil your potential. It’s also very rewarding – both personally and financially.

 Q: Tell us about a typical day at work

A: I have plenty of responsibility. On a typical day I might have meetings with sub-contractors as well as with my own colleagues. I have to make sure that all materials are on site at the right time and may also have to liaise with the main contractor to ensure the project progresses as smoothly as possible.

 Q: Do work and study combine successfully?

A: Without a doubt. I travel to the University of Northumbria in Newcastle once every month for one week to complete my foundation degree. The rest of the time I’m at work or on site. Once I’ve completed my foundation degree I want to study for a Masters in Engineering. This will enable me to move into contracts management and take my career even further.