Do the Right Training

There are no quick fixes! Make sure you do the right training.

When you’re searching apprenticeships and qualifications, beware of courses that won’t fully qualify you.

Full-time courses offered by some colleges and training providers will give you technical knowledge but can’t provide the practical experience that’s needed to become fully qualified – to gain this you’ll need to be working with a company.

You may see training providers advertising packages that will take you up to qualified status, but if you read the small print it states in order to do that, you’ll need a job first, before they carry out the assessment. This could mean you’ve paid for a course but cannot fully quality if you cannot find employment.

Finding a job can be difficult to do and so the apprenticeship route is the preferred and recognised industry option. Some employers may even prefer to take on an apprentice and support them through training rather than take someone who is part-qualified.

If can’t get an apprenticeship, a full-time course at a college that has proven and strong links with employers might give you an opportunity to work with companies. Ask for examples of how many employers the college works with and their evidence of how they can help you into employment.