Job ProfileMaintenance Electrician

Once electrical equipment and systems have been installed into buildings, they need regular maintenance to ensure they continue to work properly and without any faults.

As a Maintenance Electrician your job is to take care of these systems – on a regular basis you’ll be checking electrical systems, diagnosing problems and ensure they are solved.

One day you could be behind the scenes at a supermarket making sure it can stay open and serve customers, the next you might be at a sports stadium to keep the floodlights in good working order. Wherever electrical power is used, maintenance electricians are needed to keep things running smoothly.

Electrical safety is an important area of an electrician’s work. You must ensure each electrical system you maintain is safe to use, and you must adhere to safe working practices without endangering yourself or others.


An apprenticeship is the usual entry route into the industry – by doing an apprenticeship you’ll gain the NVQ Level 3 qualification that’s most widely used and recognised by the industry.

Short courses are available, but they tend to be of most use to existing electricians. They are very unlikely to be accepted by an employer if you’re new to the industry.

ProgressionOnce you’re working for a company there may be opportunities for you to move up the ladder if this is something you’d like to do. You might move onto more important projects and supervisory and managerial roles as you gain experience. Opportunities may arise for example in design engineering, site management, consultancy or training. You might also work abroad or even set up your own business.