A wide range of paths to follow…

With an apprenticeship as your starting block, your careers opportunities are endless. Take a look below at just some of the jobs you could be doing in the future. This is just a taste of the wide range of careers available to you – watch this space as we’ll be adding more in the future! Generating the power… This is where it all starts! Any kind of power first needs to be generated or extracted. With electrical skills you’ll play an important role in making sure power gets from its source and on its journey to the next stage

Getting it out across the network… Once power has been generated, it needs to be transported and processed so it reaches towns and cities safely and in the right proportions. Working as part of the distribution network means you’ll be helping gas and electricity reach its final destination.

Making it all work… Working in electrical installation puts you at the forefront of getting electrical systems into homes, shops, schools, stadiums, concerts, offices – in fact any type of building that not only needs electricity, but also all the technology and devices that make it all work smoothly and efficiently.