A whole world of opportunities are waiting for you…

Using the latest technology, lighting up festivals and stadiums, making machines and buildings come alive. With a career in electrical engineering, design or installation there’s a whole world of opportunities right on your doorstep:

  • Bring power to buildings, retail parks and stadiums
  • Keep the country online with telecommunications systems
  • Be at the forefront of manufacturing and energy generation
  • Keep transport networks on the move
  • …and more!

Without electrical engineers, technicians, designers or electricians our lives would be a very different place – imagine no electricity, internet or mobile phone networks!

It all starts with an electrotechnical apprenticeship – once you’ve qualified, you can then develop your skills in whatever route you choose. And the sky’s the limit in terms of career progression and where it could take you.

Take a look at just some of the Career Options this industry has to offer. You can also read some Real Life Stories of people already taking different career paths.